MOJ ISSN: 2373-4442MOJI

Volume 3 Issue 3 - 2016
The Strategy to Defeat a Microorganism
Salah Eddine Nacer Bey*
Chemist and Microbiologist, Hygienix Manufacture Company, Algeria
Received:May 09, 2016 | Published: May 10, 2016
*Corresponding author: Salah Eddine Nacer Bey, Chemist and Microbiologist, Hygienix Manufacture Company, 7 Zone C 16013 Rouiba Algérie, Algeria or city 11 decembre 1960 Bt7 N6 Boumerdes, Algeria, Tel: 00213657516036; Email:
Citation: Bey SEN (2016) The Strategy to Defeat a Microorganism. MOJ Immunol 3(3): 00088. DOI: 10.15406/moji.2016.03.00088


It is just theory about a view to exploit the growth curve of microorganisms in ways to kill any microorganism or stop its growth.

Keywords: Microorganism; Bacteria; Chemical elements; Electron receptors


When you observe the behavior of any microorganism, you will be exited and when you know how it uses its environment to ensure it growth you will ask yourself; does this microorganism have brain to think and react according to their needs. Therefore, if you need to kill or stop progress of any microorganism you need a strategy; on the other hand, you need to find a whole in its behavior and its mechanism of growing. If you look to the growth curve of microorganisms like bacteria, you will see that the life of bacteria pass through 4 phases; Lag phase, Log phase, a stationary phase and finally the death phase, the real question is how to use this curve in ways to stop the bacteria growth. I mean, you have to stop the Lag phase just if you stop the metabolism of the bacteria only if you have eliminated any source of energy for the bacteria from its media. However, in case you are in a log phase, you have to accelerate the multiplication in a short time regarding to the curve growth of bacteria to bring this phase so fast to the stationary phase and work to make the stationary phase short. In addition will be the end of the bacteria. The bacteria use some chemical elements as electron receptors; if I use a deception in ways to start a chemical reaction with those elements, the bacteria could not use them as electron receptors any more. In the end, I believe that the key to defeat any microorganism is through understanding it behavior.

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