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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Volume 6 Issue 1 - 2016
The GGG---GmtGmtGmt--what I learned...
Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D*
Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA
Received: November 11, 2015 | Published: June 02, 2016
*Corresponding author: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D, Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel: 216 932-0575; Email:
Citation: Nigro SA (2016) The GGG---GmtGmtGmt--what I learned.... J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 6(1): 00322. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2016.06.00322


Disgrace does not mean incompetence but ignorance of the law--especially when, as a Great Course on "Why Evil Exists" stated:   "The law does not care about truth or justice but about legalisms".   Over the past several years, the "Innocence Project" has freed over 300 men wrongly imprisoned for decades--Obviously, government law is a disgrace worse than those it imprisons.  American totalitarianism is "overcriminalization" which is the "business of government law."  America is a joke--the people are not taught and do not know virtue--and the worst are the politicians in charge.  Truth and justice--forget about it.  And those using the First Amendment are VIRTUELESS self-righteous, self-deluded, grandiose FRAUDS manipulating the people into a stupid polluting culture of masturbation.

Be careful of the GGG---"GmtGmtGmt"--today's KKK--It is our totalitarian government with laws for everything, from what to drink to what to think.  The GGG even proves Machiavelli correct that government tyrants will destroy those who criticize.  "Power corrupts" by laws, and "power corrupts" because those with power MUST use it to affirm they have it (As the Stanford Penitentiary Experiment proved).  Power corrupts from the White House to the local city clerk.   "Equality before the law" and "innocent until proven guilty" are jokes as are other pomposities of "How Great the Law Is", taught from the first day in law school.  The law has "sanctimonious public relations"--"BS" if it were not so hurtful.  Over 300 men have been released after decades of wrongful imprisonment--American government law is a TYRANNY run by power-mad politicians whose business is "control of everything"--Totalitarianism.  The Soviets and China imprisoned those who criticize the government--so does the United States.

"Ignorance of the law" (and almost everyone is ignorant of the law and its legalisms contained in huge libraries--"Ignorance of the law" is a truism for ALL, but the lawyers get to look it up) means "guilty" so that "equality before the law" means "cut your losses" and "cop a plea."  Just read the news as every month it seems another decades-long incarcerated man is finally found innocent and released--and we are supposed to have "respect for the law"?  

Our law is a KGB business of fee creation as an "established religion" against the First Amendment (Before the courtroom altar, all do everything but genuflect to the emperor or empress, pretending to be an objective judge, in charge).   

False accusations, witness fabrication, false evidence creation, conviction rate promotion, malicious prosecution, jury sabotage, and judicial malfunctioning are routine from today's scribes, Pharisees, Herods, Pontius Pilates, and Iagos who fill our government from the White House to Medicare pharmacy techs (and all politicians, judges, prosecutors, and investigators in between).  A scam of initial counts forces a plea "bargain"--which actually is "fee bargain" for the lawyers; and it is most often a court accepted plea perjury depriving the Constitutional right to a jury and depriving the equality of free speech to the press and public about all the facts of the case, while the prosecutor babbles away (more "equality before the law"?) to the press.   And, ridiculous,  only the sworn-in take an oath for "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," while judges, prosecutors, investigators, and lawyers take no oath for truth.

In addition, the entire appeals-court sequence is proof that the law does not care about truth or justice--Just pass the legalism Scrabble-Game-like BS on to the next bunch of deluded, arrogant, self-righteous, Narcissistic power-mad mini-emperors at the next court.  Dickens said it:  "The law is an ass!"--although maybe "outhouse" might be more accurate. But the most to fear are at the top and not the police in the street. 

America has failed, is totalitarian; is run by CORRUPT politicians at every level; is indefensible; and the Founders have not been upheld.  It is worse than King George III in charge.   Quoting Shakespeare, I wrote in 1972 with Roe v. Wade, "Death lies upon her (America) like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower in all the land."  It is worse now.  The GGG does not care about Virtue for its citizens, but, instead, control of them for fee creation and profit. The law is a totalitarian pseudo-religion UNCONSTITUTIONAL as such) that cares not about truth or justice...just creating more paper-work (and fee creation) for the yearly flood of law school graduates brainwashed into thinking the law is something to respect when it is a massive outhouse and a necessary evil, at best.  The Greeks knew it:  Without Virtue, nothing works well especially when judges do not know what it is...or care during their non-judicial pseudo-religious pompous acting out their emotions as manipulated by prosecutors and investigators who already have decreed "guilt" long before judge or jury.

The press & media have failed to help the people keep in concert with "nature and nature's God" and the Declaration of Independence.  The people thus believe whatever the press & media impose--which is mostly sensational anti-virtue liberalism promoting the GGG which genuflects to the "emperors" (nee' "editors") in charge of the press & media who really only care about what the editors wants the people to think and do. 

Check out: (and II) for a Whitman-esque descriptions of America.

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