Journal of ISSN: 2377-4282JNMR

Nanomedicine Research
Volume 3 Issue 6 - 2016
Nanotechnology, the World’s Edge
Taher A Salaheldin Ali*
Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Central Lab, Agriculture Research Center, Egypt
Received: July 11, 2016 | Published: July 13, 2016
*Corresponding author: Taher A Salaheldin Ali, Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Central Lab, Agriculture Research Center, 9 Elgamaa St.P.O. 588orman, Giza, Egypt, Tel: +201001030534; Fax: +20235713250; Email: ;
Citation: Ali TAS (2016) Nanotechnology, the World’s Edge. J Nanomed Res 3(6): 00074. DOI: 10.15406/jnmr.2016.03.00074


Nanotechnology is advancing at a very rapid pace to the extent that yesterday breakthroughs could be outdated today. There is something differ with nanotechnology, since the creation of the world life, Science is the ship for the development of the human being. There is intended precise successive order for the scientific discoveries though the world’s ages. Human innovations and discoveries stated at the onset of its creation from Stone, Bronze, to Iron ages, 6000 BC. Two important remarks can be recorded from the science pathway. First, the highly precise successive order of the scientific ages and discoveries, each era was born from the uterus of previous one in a pyramidal pattern and each discovery add new stone in the pyramid of science. Second, before century the time intervals between the discoveries were very long, hundreds of years pass until new big through innovation achieved. That was true along the world science history until the beginning of 19th century where the rate of discoveries increased exponentially. The age of the modern technologies is very young compared to the whole life age. At the ancient ages, discoveries were recorded Century by century but now day by day. There are many philosophical signs behind the rapid trend of the progress world sciences. No one can imagine the life with no electricity, no aviation, and no communications. How did the life of Millions of people be during the last thousands years? Thousands of years, people lived in dark, no transportation system until the 19th century as life through all inside her pocket at a rapid pace.

Nanotechnology is the most recent port that the ship of science stands by Nanotechnology is different from the previous technologies; it is hug technology but little science where the nanotechnology grows up more than Nanoscience itself. As long as it is a very sophisticated technology and it is so easy for anyone to talk part with its development, not the scientists only. It is a technology for all people, all countries all disciplines of life irrespective of any rules. Now-a-days, big debate about nanotechnology, is it fact or fiction? Applications of Nanotechnology are doing something differs but need more logical scientific interpretation, scientist and researchers must give great attention to the Nanoscience side by side the technology and must be well understood or the world will suffer from a chaos of sciences that will not be under the legal global control which may bring the world to its edge. Nanotechnology may be the last and upper stone in the pyramid of science on earth and can play the role of the eye of Providence.

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