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Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Case Report
Volume 4 Issue 6 - 2016
Future is Now
Daniel Carcamo del Rio*
Department Director of Master in Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Implantology & Prostheses, Alfonsox University, Spain
Received: July 09, 2016 | Published: July14, 2016
*Corresponding author: Daniel Carcamo del Rio, Department Director of Master in Oral Surgery, Periodontics , Implantology & Prostheses, Alfonsox University, Spain, Email :
Citation: Rio DCD (2016) Future is Now. J Dent Health Oral Disord Ther 4(6): 00129. DOI: 10.15406/jdhodt.2016.04.00129


The world is changing fast and without remedy, it does not accept any doubt. And it should be an honour for us that Dentistry is being engine and guide for some of these technological changes. Anyone can stay amazed with 3D printing, but do not forget that we were using it for more of twenty years and it is our sector that has developed an optimized processes of digital scanning surfaces, subsequent handling of images and the final three-dimensional printing. This, dear friends, is a big milestone and we should be proud of that has been the search for improvement in our treatments which have contributed, even a little, in such a big advance. And precisely because the world changes, so does the technology available to us and we must also change our gaze to the world. It would be a mistake to believe that the costs required investment in technology is just that, an expense, when in fact it is the best investment we can make in our offices.

Seizing the opportunity given me this publication, I invite all clinicians to investigate new toys at your disposal, that you try them, you will share experiences with your peers and, thus, can get close to the new technological stage we are: the intraoral Scanner is now a comfortable, quick and effective reality; guided surgery has been helping to prepare and perform the most complex cases, the CAD/CAM is a reliable tool, the Laser we have already introduced in many treatments, just to mention the most known, but we also see advances in treatment periodontitis, periimplantitis or design smiles.

The ultimate goal of integrating these new technologies into our clinics is clear: improve the service our patient, be more predictive, less invaded, faster and more efficient in our treatments. And do not forget that it is also a way to differentiate our cynical of others. In a few years what was reserved for only a few because of its high price has become more affordable and many tools have improved their abilities and overcome the limitations that had at first what has made ​​it increasingly common to see these new technologies consultations. The change is here and no one should be left behind. Future is now, there are no excuses, welcome to the Digital Dentistry.

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