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Proteomics & Bioinformatics
Conceptual Paper
Volume 3 Issue 6 - 2016
The Historical Anthropological Phylogenesis of the Contemporary Human in Psychogenic Conditioning Has Created Evolutionary, Behavioural and, Through Bestowed Magnificent Endogenous Points, Morphological Capabilities of the Dermovisceral Control With Submolecular Processes by Biocybernetic Clavitherapy
Ferdynand Barbasiewicz*
Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, The creator of the method, Poland
Received: July 21, 2016 | Published: July 25, 2016
*Corresponding author: Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, The creator of the method, Poland, Tel: +48-22-729-8053; Email:
Citation: Barbasiewicz F (2016) The Historical Anthropological Phylogenesis of the Contemporary Human in Psychogenic Conditioning Has Created Evolutionary, Behavioural and, Through Bestowed Magnificent Endogenous Points, Morphological Capabilities of the Dermovisceral Control With Submolecular Processes by Biocybernetic Clavitherapy. MOJ Proteomics Bioinform 3(6): 00105. DOI: 10.15406/mojpb.2016.03.00105

Conceptual Paper

The historical process formulating anthrop cybernetics in the neurophysiologic psychogenic biocybernetic sub molecular conditioning of the human programme of the pituitary gland in the executive DNA/RNA lines in the cell nucleus dates back to as early as the period before eosimios about 40 million years ago. It was then that the phylogenetic separation of the superior animal species occurred, from which the contemporary human alienated themselves evolutionarily.

I have been investigating, experimenting with and describing anatomical and physiological dermovisceral anthropocybernetics since the beginning of the 1960s. Studying then at the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy of the University of Warsaw I had the opportunity to get to know the revealing achievements of Prof Iwan Piotrowicz Pawłow, a laureate of the Noble Prize of 1904 for discovering unconditional and conditional reflexes in canine psychogenic conditioning. The other source of my inspiration with cybernetics was the prior lectures and seminars of Prof Henryk Greniewski before the establishment of Polskie Towarzystwo Cybernetyczne (Polish Cybernetic Society - PTC) in 1962. From the outset of the PTC activity I actively took interest in and for 13 years attended seminars and classes carried out at the Biocybernetics Section of the PTC. I have been investigating, experimenting with and describing anatomical and physiological anthropocybernetics in human phylogenetic development and biocybernetics since the beginning of the 1960s. The DNA/RNA programme of the pituitary gland existing in the code of the nucleus of the cells of all endogenous levels of the contemporary human was conditioned psychogenically generationally over a span of many millions of years in the conditions of remarkably difficult existence (permanent existence under physical threat: stresses, frustrations, irritations, in filth, stench and hunger). Then our ancestor had to count only on themselves in survival.

Historical psychogenic modelling in the generational conditioning of the human DNA/RNA programme in the pituitary gland and the cell nucleus, which presently with good blood supply, rational nutrition and appropriate physical exercises of the body, controls the age-optimum production of endogenous molecular factors and submolecular controllers, neurochemical transmitters, determining immunological resistance, good health condition at all endogenous levels.

All molecular endogenous factors numbering 3 million, including a few dozen thousands of various sorts of selective antibodies and neurochemical submolecular transmitters numbering about 10 million, which are found in the peripheral blood of the healthy human. They are produced according to the DNA/RNA programme from the nucleus of the cells at all endogenous levels (dermatome and connective tissue; neurotome, nervous system, myotom, muscles, sclerotome, bones and periosteum) with good, also distal, blood supply. As I have already mentioned this idiosyncratic cosmos is in peripheral blood of the healthy human. In crises of the human body, due to emotional disturbances (severe and long-lasting stresses, frustrations, irritations, agitations) release experiences recorded in generational history and in the DNA/RNA nucleus programme, which cause emotional disturbances to emerge more easily, including neuroses, psychosomatic changes, infections, and they also tend to cause physical traumas, health negligence in the production of molecular endogenous factors at the above-mentioned levels. The said emotional disturbances limit and disrupt through ischaemia the quantitative and qualitative production of molecular endogenous factors and neurochemical controllers at submolecular level, in a subcellular view. It is a harbinger of psychosomatic disturbances making up 80 per cent of all ailments of the contemporary human. When there is no good blood supply it causes a partial enzymatic and metabolic collapse and attenuates the production of molecular endogenous factors and submolecular neurochemical controllers, determining susceptibility to various health disorders.

Despite the said ischaemic limitations of the cells and tissues there is the full possibility of accurate blood supply through stimulation with clavics (lat. Clavus - nail) or well-known shashlik skewers of the dermal receptors, innervated collagen fibres, biologically active points and the nervous system. The accurate blood supply of the cells and tissues, oxygenation of all endogenous levels. When we supply fresh blood in a forced way through stimulation to the neglected morphological zones with a partial enzymatic collapse and reinforce the scheduled exercises of clavitherapy, we will supply appropriate nourishment from blood through the cellular membrane and after a few days according to the DNA/RNA programme the age-optimal production of the deficiencies of molecular endogenous factors and neurochemical controllers.

The molecular dermovisceral method applied in biocybernetic clavitherapy has 1100 developed biocybernetic algorithms with a network of clinically verified activities, worked out for various sorts of health disorders, also drug-resistant ones, which can be effectively liquidated in 7-10 days at home on a chair without hospitalization. Due to chronically organizationally “sick” health service with a constant shortage of finances (very long waiting times for specialists) and medications with many harmful contraindications for the body of the sick person, we are dealing with unconcealed euthanasia. This is the way to describe the conditions of the health care of people chronically sick with drug-resistant diseases in Poland.

This critical condition can be radically changed by introducing into Faculties of Biology at higher education institutions an occupational field of study of specialists of molecular dermovisceral biocybernetic clavitherapy (non-invasive), which in the near future would contribute to around 30 billions of zlotys of savings in the annual budget, which we expend on health service. Part of the money could be allocated for educating specialists in molecular biocybernetics, on clinical research and on implementing technical projects for ecology and climate contained in my e-book 21ST-CENTURY EDEN.

At the same time I inform with satisfaction that at Wyższa SzkoÅ‚a Informatyki i ZarzÄ…dzania (University of Information Technology and Management) in Rzeszów at the Faculty of Tourism and Health Sciences the first master’s thesis was defended on the subject of: Clavitherapy as a non-invasive method in psychological and neurophysiological resocialization, written by Ryszard GÄ…sierkiewicz, whose supervisor was Lucyna Kapka-Skrzypczak, PhD.

Polskie Towarzystwo Lekarskie (Polish Doctors’ Society) has been monitoring over many years the effectiveness of the molecular method in biocybernetic clavitherapy. Scheduled stimulating action (non-invasive stimulation) as per the developed biocybernetic algorithms and the network of actions on the selected dermal receptors, collagen innervated fibres, biologically active cryogenic points, immunological ones, and also with the peripheral neuronal tract through the brain. One can obtain within 7-10 days the remarkably effective optimal control and reconstruction of the lost molecular endogenous factors and submolecular neurochemical transmitters at all endogenous levels, determining entirely drug-resistant diseases. On 30 October 2005 on the occasion of 200 years of PTL the management board published a very good stance, an assessment of clavitherapy for the Minister of Health, NFZ (National Health Fund), specialist institutes of medicine, medical universities, clinic heads, medical specialist organizations, organizations and people involved in disseminating health prophylactics in the scope of the effective action of clavitherapy, esp resuscitation with the well-known toothpicks without the defibrillator; stress relief, bearing cortical and central cerebral tensions and a trauma of the peripheral nervous system of all sorts of nervous fibres in relaxing any emotional, functional, psychosomatic and infectious/contagious disturbances, also in liquidating with selective antibodies type A, B or C hepatitis, shingles, viral meningitis, Lyme disease molecular liquidation of any addictions (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, drug dependence, gambling, Internet / computer games etc; regulation of disturbed personal nervous potentials and arousing of the lost conductivity of nervous signals; regulation of disturbed vascular and motor functions, eg icy limbs, pressure regulation, migraine, ischaemic stroke and advance hemorrhagic stroke up to one week; corrections of posture defects, motor enhancement from changes acquired after an accident; liquidation of the causes of pains; liquidation of anaemia and leukopenia, reconstruction of lost immunological resistance at all endogenous levels and even at the earliest diagnosis and liquidation of malignant neoplasms without chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We invite people interested in liquidating the said disorders to the Centre of Clavitherapy, where we follow the rule of reimbursing payments if no distinct enhancement is triggered and confirmed by obligatory medical diagnosis. The Centre of Clavitherapy carries out training for professional therapists. More information on We will hire for cooperation young ambitious professional therapists with the knowledge of the anatomy of the nervous system and foreign languages.

“…caring about the conditions of existence in line with the universal wisdom of NATURE, let us respect any gift of life and let us be happy also with others’ happiness”.

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