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Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Volume 5 Issue 4 - 2016
Mouaffaq A Jaber*
Department of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry, University at Buffalo, USA
Received: November 12, 2016 | Published: November 21, 2016
*Corresponding author: Mouaffaq A Jaber, Department of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry, University at Buffalo, USA, Email:
Citation: Jaber MA (2016) Aesthe-Dent-Ustry. J Dent Health Oral Disord Ther 5(4): 00159. DOI: 10.15406/jdhodt.2016.05.00159


Dentistry and its Industry, a unique profession that is considered & thought of by many members of the society as a negative nightmarish force that they have to deal with someday in life, just like a thorn in every rose waiting to be touched. A mandatory fear they will face one day. The repelling attitude expressed by Clients & Patients is very well established in almost all communities. In movies we are the jock & least active character. In real life we are the devil that they are compelled to befriend even hypocritically yet, after pain subsiding or after concluding a Smile Make-Over (SMO) we as Dentists all of a sudden become their savoir & their best friend!!

WHY is that?
In my thoughts, Societies (Clients/Patients) are to benefit from Dental Materials in treatment rather than the treating Dentists! I am to directly blame the Dental industry for the surprising lack of knowledge in Dental Materials, Products & Household Manufacturer’s names.

Why is that?
The Dentist is merely a mediator or an influencer rather than prime beneficiary. We only are to accuse ourselves of negligence for this communication gap since we don’t focus on educating the society in DM Products other than Toothbrushes, Paste & Mouth Wash only! Why is that?

  1. Beauty is a fact demanded & foreseen by every existing individual because Beauty does matter. (Figure 1).
  2. Figure 1: Aesthetics.

  3. The world is getting smarter, connected, knowledgeable & critical hence, we as dental care providers need to be prepared, independent, open, smart & connected!
  4. Binding Aesthetics to all types of treatments (Dental or Medical) is a fact that needs to be established by all Dental & Medical professionals regardless to abilities & possibilities (Unless it is contra indicated)!
  5. If Dentists character doesn’t match the beauty of the Smile or the treatment that she/he is intending to give her/his Client/Patient then there is something missing. Something is wrong! Reciprocation!
  6. Understanding Aesthetics is not like knowing Aesthetics!
  7. Beauty of a smile is in the eyes of the beholder. Not necessarily a Smile Designer or a Dentist!
  8. I just want like that Smile!! What we as Dentists & Smile makers can offer to reach the demand of Clients/Patients may not be possible at times. It’s not because that we lack the ability but because of the generous imagination Clients or Patients may have!
  9. It is shocking to know that most Clients/Patients want real White Teeth! Not until they know that there are hundreds of shades of White!! (Figure 2)
  10. Figure 2: Client/Patient demand Smile Beauty Vs Oral Health.

  11. Aesthetic is the beauty that we as Dentists can provide our clients bounded by general oral health & applying possibilities. Cosmetic is the beauty that is demanded by Clients/Patients regardless to feasibility bounded by our skills & honesty.
  12. Bonding Dentistry, One can never forget the Godfathers of this unique exploration that has completely changed the concept of Dental treatment for ever. No more extension for prevention or undercuts!
  13. Being an Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentists Does it makes us Anti-Amalgam?
  14. Establishing Dental Independence. Through our title & professional practice where by the society rule Doctors (Medical) are considered different from Dentists & Dentists are only Dentists but not Doctors, hence, I call on all Dental pros to start using the title of (Dnt.) Instead of (Dr.) in our presentations, identifications & promotion to facilitate independence & raise the differentiation between both Medical/Dental as individuals & practices as professionals. #I_am_a_DENTIST
  15. Be a good listener. You can’t imagine the results of relieve, relaxation & peace of mind shown by Patients/Clients after a good listening session by the Dentist. It is not only the money that we should be looking for but, the good deed that we can carry within & enjoy when closing our eyes at the end of everyday!
  16. Not any persons or character is fit to be a Dentist.
  17. Honesty, Empathy, Attitude, Skill, Experience, Consideration, Perfection, performance, sharing information, Listening, Fun, Cheerfulness & more are the core of a long positive relation between Dentists & their clients (Figure 3).
  18. Figure 3: Client/Patient Anticipation of Dentists.

  19. Dentist’s presence & clinical setup are of major importance.
  20. Developing & Updating in order to provide finer & better results for clients is a never ending reciprocating essential process (Figure 4).
  21. Figure 4: Most feared Dental Armamentarium.

  22. Grooming, well presentation, maintaining & smelling good are of major importance for dentists as they reflect how noble our profession is & how noble are we as Dentists. This will ease & help in providing a satisfactory treatment or Smile make over.
  23. To use or not to use? This is the question! Every Dentist has to ask himself before concluding a treatment plan. We as Dentists shall decide aptness of a product & not companies nor manufacturers. The quality of any product can make any treatment a great success or a massive disaster!
  24. We as Dentists can be any person that you may come across, befriend, ignore, admire or even reject. We are normal human beings that their armamentarium may cause fear & restlessness any time mentioned.
  25. Break the conventional & common, open your heart before your mind, hesitate not to share an info or request assistance, plan your treatment, check & double check because from that point the success or failure of any Dental practice or treatment can happen.
  26. Share with your client your Rx plan meticulously. Listen to him/her then guide him/her to where you want him/her to be (Figure 5).
  27. Figure 5: How honest do you think dentists are?

  28. Be always prepared. If carious, we drill it, clean it & fill it. If it’s useless, we remove it. If it needs saving, we open an access, clean it, shape it, obturate it, build it & crown it. If it’s ugly we beautify it. If it’s awkward we align it. If it’s dirty we scale & polish it. If they are unaware, we bring it to their notice AND if we can’t do it, we refer them & learn through it. If it’s fear together we face it & overcome it.
  29. Manufacturers & developers of Dental Armamentarium need to bring awareness to public & not only Dentists. Dentists are the appliers & mediators but Clients & Patients are the Fortunate or Unfortunate end users (Figure 6).
  30. Figure 6: Industry.

  31. Authenticity, originality, proper training & follow up are to be obligatory for a sound use of manufacturer products as the name of the product can be spoiled by improper use and application.
  32. Reasonable pricing & following up on users is essential.
  33. Education before promotion.
  34. What should I use (Toothpaste/Toothbrush)? What do you advise me to use? This is a question that all Clients/Patients will ask their Dentists. Now the answers are many & facts appear immediately after favouring a product over another by the Dentist. Is it because
  35. of the Dentist’s conviction of the practical excellence of one product or is it the Dentist’s affiliation to a company?
  36. Where is it made? Many issues depend on the answer!!
  37. Do you have Materials from “Country name”? The strong conviction of international excellence of the products of a specific country is well established amongst society. Why is that? Again!
  38. Study Information is as follows:
    1. Dentists Vs Society.
    2. Every possible client aging 12 & above. In Clinic & Malls.
    3. Total of 350 Clients & Patients. (157 Male-170 Female-23 below 18 years) taken between 2012 & 2016.
    4. The Questionnaire was completely friendly & fun filled. It focused on the common, spontaneous reaction of individuals teasing their basic instinct & exploring their views relating to Dentists & Dentistry in total.
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