Advances in ISSN: 2373-6402APAR

Plants & Agriculture Research
Volume 5 Issue 3 - 2016
Food Security: Global Stability
Dibya Bhatta*
Institute of Agriculture and Animal sciences, Nepal
Received: November 22, 2016 | Published: November 25, 2016
*Corresponding author: Dibya Bhatta, Institute of Agriculture and Animal sciences, Nepal, Email:
Citation: Bhatta D (2016) Food Security: Global Stability. Adv Plants Agric Res 5(3): 00178. DOI: 10.15406/apar.2016.05.00178


During this decade; the World is facing a serious food challenge which has led to instability in more than half of the planet. The food is the basic fundamental need of people. The demand for food is increasing at an alarming rate with the increasing rate of population by leaps and bounds where More than 800 million people literally they go to bed hungry every day. More than two third of the earth's population is malnourished and die due to hunger related issue one or other way. The price of food is beyond the reach of common. The unusual fluctuation in price is due to less productivity compared to demand. Our planet share dry and unpredictable extreme climates, often poor quality soils, challenging landscapes and the right infrastructures.

The production with traditional ways in not that enough to shoulder the responsibility .The hungry stomach has led to several crimes in the planet. The hunger driven body can do no good for the nation. So the manpower of planet is made weak due to hunger. So food security means creativity and more productivity of nation. We can never achieve development with hunger. The hunger can’t be eliminated just with the sugar-coated speeches in the conferences and seminars only. The policies should be made in global level and implemented upto locals to effectively utilize the barren land throughout the planet and make the most of its fertility with improved techniques. Such techniques should be developed that can grow nutritious food in limited area too.

Development of agricultural sector is a giant step to battle Food insecurity. It’s Agriculture that employs majority of the people today so its modification can battle tougher and extreme annual weathers and grow food well adapted for global warming and stress in an affordable way to meet the global demand for food. Currently not enough professional go around. This field is looking for a new crop of new talents and yes that can be we youths. It's important to note that the world does not need more food. The battle is for better quality food. Modern human innovation can be employed and more youths can be encouraged to enter the field of food security for agricultural technology advancement that can utilize fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides in the limited land for optimum production! It’s the fact that the part of malnourished and hungry world is seeking the well trained and innovative agriculturists and agri- scientists! There has to someone to ensure that world has enough food and we youths of agricultural sector can be that someone. Ensuring that people have enough to eat is food security and thus this can lead to stability in the global level.

As a nutshell, Food is the root for every activity we do. Food is linked with health and wealth of nation. stability in the global level can be ensured only with full-feds i.e. food security!!

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