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Volume 5 Issue 3 - 2017
Reconducting This into Medical Terms and Cases, the Stress Reward Balance and Examples to Scheme
Dora Dragoni*
Nutritionist, Acupuncture fellow at AMAB, Italy
Received: January 04, 2017 | Published: January 30, 2017
*Corresponding author: Dora Dragoni, Medical Doctor, Nutrionist, personal Trainer, Acupuncture Fellow at AMAB, Italy, Tel: +39 338 5085731; Email:
Citation: Dragoni D (2017) Reconducting This into Medical Terms and Cases, the Stress Reward Balance and Examples to Scheme. Int J Complement Alt Med 5(3): 00152. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2016.05.00152

Book Review

In this chapter we talk about wellbeing from neuroscientifical medical points of view, we describe the lateral medial reward equilibrium and then about how stress can be somatized, that means which effects are demonstrated into people body and mind unity due to errors lifestyles and missing reward.

When we talk about stress we talk about a tensyon condition related to our brain hormones neural projections different from Physiological parameters, taking place every time we don’t follow and act our main Instinctive needs see brain centers see synchro from person to person and so on. From a neuro anatomical point of view we can always talk about reward system, known to human genre since life origin, conscious more or less see insight of person, see how much we love and why our partner, and see philosophical and scientifically demonstrations.

In the previous century some scientists and researchers made public some discoveries after WWII in which they released the anatomy and some ideas of physiology about reward.

Olds and Milner in 1957 founded and told how our brain is based on the reward concept, this meaning that every interaction with world that we have is translated into electrical chemical and neural language into our brain, and this is mainly done by reward system. This is divided into two branches, positive and negative one, since all life beings are able to distinguish badly from good to survive and reproduce as individual couple and specie.

Nowadays the sum of studies synthesize this into medial reward from basal nuclei in encephalon meaning see symbol, cardio respiratory breathing functions, eating nutrition digestion and metabolic functions, movement to do life functions, and any related basic fundamental activity of life beings see neuro anatomy and obvious considerations.

This is into original encefalic structures. When this is delayed or due to stress full stimuli, converted into lateral sides branches see from parasympathetic to orthosympatetic activities, this having as centre into habitual in brain in diencephalon, then we project our positive molecules as dopamine and serotonin into negative depressant ones like gaba that risk and tend to modify the electrical potential of membranes so to make damages to cells life and any human or basically functions.

This is any projections inhibiting into HPA hypothalamus hypnotises gland into fore-diencephalon and so see neuro anatomy in details.

So we call all this stress or biological damage or dolous inducted condition. See all then oriental traditional categories and occidental categories.

The first somatisations are LH FSH hormones that are stored from puberty years to wedding life start see nowadays need to have more and more cv autonomy and so on (due to social need of feeling good near who has better brain life reward naturally), and then these are converted see chakras into TSH, ACTH and adrenal glands aldosteron regulating hydric system, then cortisol inhibiting instincts in emergency conditions, or till Anonymous, androgens of kidney endocrine glands, or then PRL stored when lactation is not spontaneous as releasing factor such as oxytocin and so on.

This from a periferal point of view, projecting into insula lobi, means increased orthosympatetic tone, and then any semeiological sign and symptom as increased heart rate then small pulse see missing molecules, disable catecholamine see in which in ye we choose to make this, then alternated blood pressure, and any other cortisol tissue cells zang fu organs somatisations see:

  1. Neural plexi where see chakras.
  2. See how person fixes due to judge ways also or is able to make conscious see in which quantity, the person zang fu qi see help of professionist.
  3. See symbol when person is able to restore autogenetic strategies.
  4. See how much the professionist is honest to help the person in which face to solve the real cause’s been see laws and see the peripheral person casual somatisations see obvious.

All these are occidental categories see Mayo Clinic website in which it tells that allergic reumatological feelings hormonal and dysautonomic (X vagal nerve) diseases are due to stress where and why.

Similarly is described into oriental categories in which every zang fu has also a shen, see how much we make conscious our feelings inner and outer in couple and synchronic interactions see REWARD IS PERSONAL as basis to increase the good balance positive to be.

Wood is liver, hun the psyche in it, reticulating dreams and synchronicies with souls related, muscles, strength functions, and meridiens and points associated. Gallbladder linked with jealousy and courage as somehow the bladder for kidney.

Points are the places in which qi jing shen is more active before stored automatically see maybe also shwann cells energetic points, and also where we can activate re-circulations of qi jing shen fluxes from all our vital centers see body-mind equilibrium.

Fire is heart, shen the psyche related to emotions, blood, and vital functions as in occidental later translations; it is linked with small intestine like basical emotions and related meridians and points.

Earth is the spleen, related to yuan qi, related to pancreas, linked with digestive properties, original energy to stay pure to safe so, stomach more related to acute eating conditions, of course related to intellectual functions so to get from to we need as our existent life; same way related meridians and points, also important to sleep well and to yin element.

Metals are related to lungs, linked with the vegetative functions, and affected by sadness, then they are linked with big intestine as well related with delusions and later digestive problems see also chakras and passage from 2 to 3 chakras see why in midbrain functions.

Water is linked with kidney and also with adrenal glands we can say, with bladder, all this related to hydrical mineral energetic functions, to endocrinology as chong ren du mai extraordinary local meridians where qi and jing are more strong, and then they are also important for the zhi needs like memory and mental emotive feelings, similarly meridians and points are good to increase the qi jing needs for couple, in case of need to balance fertility and similarly.

Points are categorized into ideal and practical areas, the more a point is periferal the more we can send energy stored centrally into perifery as when we increase ACh and NO in fitness natural conditions or in qi gong and yoga practice, so we can say that at main central in limb articulation we have yin calm energy, then proceeding into perifery we have jing one and in terminal finger falanx we have faint points called jing well.

Extraordinary points are similarly linked to special needs, being out of meridians where in cou li, the skin muscle longitudinal areas, they store better energy for person in synchro see symbol life.

There are also local points good to balance the local qi stasis problems, and distance points related to anatomical and meridian links, see also neuromeric ideas or linfatic or qi or jing obvious de qi sensations see person conscience of symbol needs.

Then we can say that contact with client is always basis to understand judge help the real causes as all health healing knowledge made are will to solve and help people’s life base for the expert and synchro social world needs that we feel being part of that.

So we can conclude this paragraph by saying that medializing the reward so leading again needs to normal conditions see ok reductions of stress somatized momentaneous situations due to what, and then suggesting and assuring a better natural basic lifestyle related to symbol that are the human and life functions that we see and have to live as told, see human and essential right to wellbeing.

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